This category is for descriptions of lightly active lifestyle wiki wiki. (It's for "activity level 2".) These wiki have some basic content, some regular, but not high activity. They normally have some structure, an administrator and some of the core content. To progress, they need the help of more contributors. Would you like to be one of them?

0 Inactive, adoptable wiki This wiki is basically inactive. Activity over the past months is virtually non-existance with the exception of spam or other non-contributing edits. If you're interested in "adopting" it, see the instructions on the adoption requests page.
1 Minimal activity wiki This wiki has received some contribution in the past couple of months, but it's still small and not growing very fast.
2 Lightly active wiki Active, but small and/or minimal activity.
3 Active wiki Has the basics - core content, a significant number of pages, active contributors and at least one administrator. But it still has an area or two of significant weakness - too many stubs, uncategorized pages, only one active admin., etc.
4 Well functioning wiki This wiki has a significant number of pages, active contributors and at least one administrator. It's got good content. With some more work it could become a truly superior wiki.
5 High functioning wiki This is a well developed and highly active wiki.

To add a wiki description to this category, include the template for activity level 2 on the description page by entering {{activity level 2}}

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