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Scale Modeling Wiki
We welcome contributions describing any scale model kit ever produced, regardless of subject, scale, or medium. The emphasis is on conventional, injection-molded styrene models and accessories for them, but vacform, resin, and multimedia kits are all welcome.

Number of Articles

over 250

Wiki Type(s) Hobbies
The Scale Modeling wikia is about "any scale model kit ever produced, regardless of subject, scale, or medium". It is also known as the "Encyclopedia of Scale Models Wiki".

It has over 280 articles, but is currently (November 2011) inactive.

Inactive, adoptable wiki
This wiki is basically inactive. Activity over the past months is virtually non-existance with the exception of spam or other non-contributing edits.
If you'd like to "adopt" this wiki, start by demonstrating interest and ability by contributing to it for a couple of weeks. (See the adoption requests page on the Central Wikia for more information.) Then request to adopt it.

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