Whether your spending your Valentine's Day with friends, family, or a significant other this year, check out the list we gathered for you to plan the PERFECT Valentine's Day!

Heart Cake
Chocolate Heart Cake

A delicious heart shaped cake made out of chocolate! What makes it even better is that the base is a cinnamon chocolate mousse!

Heart Bookmark

Got a bookworm for a valentine? How about giving them a cute little heart shaped bookmark? Adorable!

Strawberry Hearts and Heart-shaped Pancakes
Strawberry hearts

Start Valentine's Day off the right way with these strawberry heart pancakes. Easy to make and delicious!

Valentine's Heart Surprises

Try something new this Valentine's Day! Don't put your treat or present in a boring bag or box. Try crafting your own package!

Etude Op. 25, No. 1
Chopin etude

Setting the mood for a romantic dinner? This classic is old but good for a little romance (especially if the other person is into classical music)!

Valentine Bento
Heart bento

Speaking of adorable, how about making a yummy and adorable treat in a bento? The hearts look especially cute when placed in a little box!

Paris, France

Feel like splurging on Valentine's Day for the person you love? Head to the city of love, Paris (or pretend by going to a fancy French restaurant)!

Valentine cocktail

Delicious cocktails for Valentine's Day! This one has got cranberry juice and banana liqueur.

Gluten free Valentine Cookies
Heartcookies glutenfree

If your loved one can't have gluten, bake these delicious cookies for them! Use a red icing if you want to keep it even more Valentine's Day-themed!

Bacon Hearts
Bacon heart

Bacon Hearts. No explanation needed!

Romantic Makeup

Got a hot date? Keep your makeup simple by following the romantic makeup tutorial!

Easy Candles

Romance = candles. You can easily make your own heart shaped candles to set the mood. Bonus if you add a nice fragrance!

This list wasn't made in any particular order. Let us know if you end up using any of these ideas, or share your own ideas for a perfect Valentine's Day in the comments below!

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